Herbal Extracts Manufacturer

About this product

Ayur Natural Herbals manufacture and supply herbal extract and phyto-chemicals at its pure form and offer optimum quality phyto-chemicals and best quality natural extracts.

Phyto-chemicals are the mixture having perfect combination of the natural herbs and suitable active ingredients compound. It consists of higher effective medicinal value. Our product that is Phyto drugs are made by world class manufacturing facilities under high level supervision of management & expert professionals.

We know that our products are directly concerned to the health of the people; we produce ultimate level of pure and best quality products. Monitoring of the product is started at the very first step to finished products. Various kinds of herbs are sourced from the forest region under personalized care and monitoring of experts through traditional forest dwellers.

Research and Development

Our continuous Research and Development program, we have adopted latest extraction techniques and facilities at Ayur Natural Herbals. Ayur Natural Herbals use these techniques along with traditional techniques as per requirements.

We provide these phyto-chemicals with natural form of the products. Ayur Natural Herbals; advanced analysis techniques help us to provide product with highest consistency and potency level of the products.

Our Phyto herbal extracts are considered as the high quality products and highly demanded in the market. Our main products are Harra, Baheda, Aonla, Brahmi, Senna, Mulethi, Kaunch, Guggul, Gudmar, Shatavari, Ashwagandha and more than hundreds of products found their necessity in the Indian market.